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Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage System


Due to the popularity of solar energy and the expected increase in electricity bills in various places, many families living in independent houses have begun to install energy storage systems to save electricity bills and live an environmentally friendly life. General household energy storage is not suitable for installation for apartment-type residents. Rugtel began working on the development of balcony energy storage systems suitable for independent house residents and apartment residents.


The living environment of apartment-type residents does not have extra space to install an ordinary energy storage system equipment.

Microinverters suitable for apartments do not work at night.

An ordinary energy storage system is difficult to install and requires laying photovoltaic panels in a large open space or on the roof.

A standard energy storage system equipment is expensive.


Rugtel has launched a balcony energy storage application solution for apartment residents.

1.Simple installation: We only need to fix the photovoltaic panels on the railing outside the balcony, and then connect them to our products and they are ready for use. No large space is required.

2.In terms of usage scenarios: We store excess photovoltaic power generation during the day and use it at night. And the stored energy can be used in the event of a grid outage. No longer limited to microinverter operating hours.

3.Economically: We provide ordinary apartment-type families with energy solutions suitable for their consumption levels. The price of a complete home energy storage system is higher than that of balcony energy storage. Balcony energy storage saves a lot of material and labor costs. Use the electricity generated by photovoltaic panels when the peak electricity price is high, and automatically charge the battery when the peak electricity price is low. We expect to save families 30% to 45% on their electricity bills every month.

Energy output

We have provided energy solutions to 1000+ apartment-type residents