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Rugtel EV Charger


With the popularity and widespread application of electric vehicles, car charging piles are a necessity for every electric vehicle family. Rugtel provides all electric vehicle households with Electric vehicle charging solutions that enable smart energy management and charge your vehicle with green energy (photovoltaic energy).


The construction of charging infrastructure is not perfect, and it faces many challenges such as some private cars are not equipped with piles due to residence restrictions, the utilization rate of public charging stations is low, and charging is difficult and slow.


1. Convenient and fast: Home car charging piles can be installed directly in the garage or outdoors without a special location, making it easy to charge your car. At the same time, the charging time is also greatly shortened, bringing great convenience to car owners.

2. Save worry and effort: Home car charging piles can automatically adjust the charging current according to the vehicle's power condition, eliminating the need for car owners to pay attention at all times, saving worry and effort.

3. Charging safety: Home car charging piles have multiple safety guarantees such as overvoltage protection and overcurrent protection to ensure the safety and reliability of the charging process.

4. Cost saving: The electricity price of home car charging piles is relatively low, and charging time is mostly at night. It can effectively take advantage of low electricity prices and save charging costs for car owners.

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