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common problem

When is the battery charged and when is energy taken from the battery?

When the PV input is greater than the output to micro-inverter, the battery AB1000 will be charged, and when the PV input is less than the output to micro-inverter, the battery will be discharged.

How do I allocate power generation to the home grid and battery AB1000?

You can set the output for the micro-inverter via the Tuya App, and the rest will be automatically stored in the battery AB1000

Which solar panels can match Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage?

The solar panels, working rate voltage range is 16-60V and the current is below 13A, can be used.

If I am a new, how do I have to configure my Balcony Energy Storage?

Step1: you need to know the local regulations, what is the maximum power allowed to the household socket.     Nowadays Most are 600W or 800W

Step2: recommendation is 1.1 -1.3 times of MPPT rating, 880W-1000W

Step3: Calculate your daily basic power consumption during the day

Step4: Calculate battery capacity,except for the basic consumption during the day, the rest will be stored in the battery,estimate the battery capacity based on your local lighting time and intensity.

For example:Your basic consumption is 200W, lighting time is 8 hours,MPPT can four power input (800W),the battery you need is 2000KWh (0.8KWh*5-0.2KWh*8).

In which case you need to buy Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage?

You have installed balcony PV or want to install it, and most of the solar power generation is wasted, you can buy Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage to store electricity for use at night to have a greater extent to reduce electricity bills

What should be included to form a balcony energy storage system?

Solar Panel + Intelligent Flow Control + Battery + Micro inverter

Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage Working Logic?

1. You need to set a power (range 100-1200W) to micro inverter on Tuya App.Note:It is recommended that the power you set for the micro inverter is your basic power consumption.

2. Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage will automatically determine the flow of energy according to the power given to the micro inverter.     When the PV input is greater than the output to micro-inverter, the battery AB1000 will be charged, and when the PV input is less than the output to micro inverter, the battery will be discharged Powering the household consumption with PV together.

What safety certifications does Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage have?

FCC、CA65、CE、Rosh、Raech、TUV Mark & TUV CE

How do you know your electricity consumption during the day?

It is recommended that you as much as possible store in the battery during the day except for basic power consumption:

1. Calculated the device consumption you always run during the day or 24 hours a day,such as refrigerators, routers and standby devices.

2. Go to the meter box right before you go to bed, write down your current meter reading and the time.     As soon as you get up, you write down the meter reading and the time.     You can calculate your base load from consumption and elapsed time.

3. You can use a measuring socket that you plug between the socket and the power consumer.     To calculate the base load, you could collect the wattage consumed from all the devices that are constantly running (including standby) and add up the values.

What is Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage?

Rugtel Balcony Energy Storage and micro-inverter constitute a small grid-connected PV energy storage system, which aims to help users save electricity bills.     This product cannot be used during power outages.