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Rugtel Residential Energy Storage System


In the era of carbon neutrality and energy crisis, efficient, clean and economical energy is what every modern household needs. Rugtel keeps pace with the times and is committed to developing energy solutions suitable for all households.


Some houses are totally off the grid because connecting to the grid would be too expensive or unavailable in that area. These houses require photo voltaic (PV) panels to provide energy and batteries to store the energy for periods when there is no solar energy and/or inclement weather. When a household stores solar energy produced on site and uses that energy when solar production is less than than the energy requirements in the house.


Rugtel home-based energy storage systems can provide energy solutions for all homes.A perfect solution for efficiently providing the energy for electricity is to install photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on the roof or next to the house. The house can get energy from the grid when there is no sun or inclement weather and feed energy back to the grid where this is allowed.

1. Systematic control and real-time monitoring:Our energy storage system is controlled and monitored via mobile phone, eliminating the need for manual switches and at-home monitoring. Improved power generation efficiency. Just download an APP on your mobile phone and you can monitor the working status of the system anytime and anywhere.

2. Simple installation and More beautiful appearance: Rugtel's energy storage system is integrated, and one machine meets the operation of the entire system. One person can install it.

3. Maintenance: Rugtel’s energy storage system is easy to maintain, and the inverter and battery pack can be replaced and repaired separately. We can provide different battery packs according to each family's electricity consumption habits.

Energy output

We have provided home energy storage solutions to 300 users