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Battery System

RT-BL-Low voltage ultra-thin stackable BESS

2module/10.24KWh 3module/15.36KWh

  1. 5KW output power, supporting 4 clusters in parallel, household micro-grid, touching LCD, and supporting screen selection protocols

  2. Capacity: 51.2V/100Ah,10.24KWh(2 modules)-15.36KWh(3 modules

  3. 4000@25°C /0.5C/80%DODIP21 Indoor

  4. Thinner size(L600mm*W160mm*H1125mm/600mm*160mm1575mm)andmore modern appearance,modular free stacking, easy to use, a variety ofchoices

  5. Adopt high performance,safety and long life span Grade A LiFePO4 cell.

  6. Communication:CAN/RS485/WIFlcompatible with a variety of inverters

  7. Warranty: 10 years

  8. Certification: CE

Why RT-BL-Low voltage ultra-thin stackable BESS

From inverters to mounting systems and accessories, all Rugtel Power equipment is designed. Each component is subject to rigorous quality assurance testing, ensuring it will withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and other environmental factors. Every piece of equipment is also backed by a comprehensive warranty so customers can have peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected.

Nominal capacity(KWh)10.24      15.36 
Voltage work(v):43.2-58.4V      43.2-58.4V
Rated voltage(v):51.2v           51.2v  
Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm):600*160*1125   600*160*1575
Range of working temperature:-20-55℃     -20-55℃